Who am I?

Born and raised in the Washington, DC area, I became the avid basketball player turned filmmaker and self-proclaimed professional nomad. After a series of injuries and concussions, my basketball career was forced to end, leaving me with a reliance on photography and videos to retain my memory and motivation. Capturing emotions through the camera simultaneously became my device in healing and my passion. I created my own production company in college called Major Motives, where I directed numerous parodies, web series, short films, and digital content with my peers. 
After graduating from North Carolina A&T, I began working as a director’s assistant and behind-the-scenes videographer for several ESPN Films documentaries. Through ESPN, I continued to hone my craft of storytelling and created a keen eye to compel interesting narratives. As a director’s assistant, I was given the opportunity to direct a few scenes and interviews for selects projects that made the film’s final cuts. These shoots took me to various states across the country thus expanding my knowledge on a variety of societies, environments and ethnicities, opening my mind to the vast world of storytelling that needs to be created. I truly believe that the more well-versed one is about the world, the better a director one will become.
Nowadays, I frequent between the east and west coasts,  honing my own craft in preparation for the launch of my directing career.  I was provided with the opportunity to produce and direct a digital short film entitled SPEC: Start Projecting Every Color that promotes an individual’s ability to grow and find themselves in a world that ultimately projects images and stereotypes to be molded a certain way in this society. I feel that the stories of independent female artists are not only worthy of being told, but being presented in an artful way that can help reshape the social landscape of our experience.